Sunday, April 23, 2017

Action required: Critical problem with your Google OAuth Project google drive (id: commanding-pier-788)

We have recently detected your Google Cloud Platform project is violating our Terms of Service.
Google Cloud Platform
Dear Developer,
We have recently detected that your Google Cloud/API project google drive (id: commanding-pier-788) is using a Google product name as the project name shown to users on the OAuth consent screen, which violates the Google API Services: User Data Policy. You can fix the problem by revising the project name and other relevant content so that the OAuth consent screen shown to users accurately reflects the identity of your application. 

To revise the project name visible to users, please take the following steps:

  1. Please review the Google API Services: User Data Policy, specifically the following section- "Do not make false or misleading statements about any entities that have allegedly authorized or managed your application. You must accurately represent the company, organization, or other authority that manages your application. Making false representations about client credentials to Google or Google users is grounds for suspension."

  2. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform Console.

  3. Select your project.

  4. On the Home Page Dashboard, select Go to APIs overview under APIs.

  5. In API manager, select Credentials on the left bar, then select OAuth consent screen. Change the name in the field under Product name shown to users and then click on Save.
We will suspend your Cloud project in 3 days unless you correct the problem. Please submit an appeal if you have any questions. Please note that you should be logged in as the project owner to access the appeals page. For more help on submitting an appeal or to learn more about the process check the  Policy Violation FAQ.
Please take a moment to review the Google API Services: User Data Policy, the Google API Terms of Service, the Google Cloud Terms of Service and the applicable Terms of Service for the specific Google API you are using so that you do not violate our terms and policies in the future.
Google Cloud Platform Trust & Safety


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